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CutLeaf productions helps brands tell their stories with digital content that engages, educates and activates audiences. Online videos speak to the customer more powerfully when they tell a story.

Being able to connect with your customer on an emotional level, creating engaging content that ultimately entertains, is key to earning your customers trust and attention.

Photography Services

Expertly taken & edited photography perfect for promoting your local South Devon Business. For professional commercial photography to update your social media or website, contact us.

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Videography Services

Professionally shot & edited video footage perfect for company adverts, social media advertising & showcasing your business through video footage. Find out more.

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Take a look at just some of the spectacular aerial drone photography we have to offer. Decorate your home with the very best views of Torbay and the surrounding area.

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Our Photography & Videography Services

We take pride in producing high quality photographs & expert video footage for companies around the South West. From social media content & professionally shot & edited adverts to creating online content to update your website with, our team can help.

We offer a comprehensive visual media service offering you expertly crafted aerial drone footage, close ups, filmed interviews and much more. Our videography services offer a more personal way of showcasing your Torbay business’s products & services.

Meet The Team

Scott Roberts


Tom Carder


Ryan Martin

Editor & Drone Operator

For Me, film creation is not just creating stories and perspectives, it’s all about visualising your dreams. I love drones and aerial capture. My vision is to deliver and push the boundaries of dream - like flight and dynamic aerial perspectives. My filmmaking passion was fueled back in 2015 with just my phone and a laptop. Through years of self growth and creative expansion, my goals are clear, to gift my vision and create impactful, powerful and engaging captures that resonate Life.



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