1-2 Year Plans

Our content plans run between one to two years.

Content Allowance

Each month you'll have a set amount of filming & editing days available depending on your contract. If you have quieter months don't worry, your content allowance will roll over.

Save Money

By choosing a retainer option you'll receive up to a certain percentage depending on your package.


At the start of each month we'll sit with you and your team to discuss new ideas, plan out the month & give ongoing support throughout the year.


If you want to create a specific amount of videos each month or over a long period of time, then a retainer is perfect for you. As our relationship builds we’ll learn about your company inside & out, making your marketing schedule more integrated and efficient. Rather than budgeting projects one video at a time, you would’ve already paid for the content we produce, which means you’ll have much more cost effective marketing. To keep your video content strategy consistent, establishing a long-term agreement with a video agency will boost your brand recognition and awareness. 

To find out more about our RETAINER plans, use our contact form below.