CutLeaf Creatives is a group on the website where I’ll be sharing with you my files to help you on your journey of becoming a successful photographer & videographer. Below you’ll find FREE products & files you can PURCHASE that are downloadable. If you have any questions please feel free to ask, I’m here to help. DISCLAIMER! The files you download are not to be sold on for financial gain nor should they be uploaded to social media unless it’s the CutLeaf Creatives Facebook Group. They are solely for practicing your skills.


Improve your editing skills using my original files here. All of my practice files are free so you can develop your skills as an editor. Once purchased you’ll receive a download link to a PDF file, on the PDF file will be a link to a private dropbox folder where you can download the images.


On this section you’ll find documents that I use to help guide you in Business. From invoice templates to quotation templates, these are the tools I use in my business day in, day out. These files do cost as it’s taken me time to craft these documents. I’ll be uploading files continuously over the next few weeks, so make sure you keep returning!


I’ve created a 5 Lightroom presets catered for your DJI MINI 2. It can be quite a daunting experience editing your first photo and not knowing where to start, so these presets are perfect to help guide you. The image may still have to be adjusted once the preset has been applied.


As most of you know who are on this site I run a YouTube channel that gives free, educational videos on how I approach my work. We currently have an audience of 3.84K subs and it keeps growing, thank you for being part of the CutLeaf team! If you haven’t subbed already, please do!